How To Practice

The information below tells you where and when the Iowa City Aikikai practices, as well as what it costs to practice, who is teaching, and how to test. If you have other questions, please send email.


Our postal address is here.

Classes are held at 2414 Towncrest Dr., in Iowa City. (There is a large sign next to the door that says "Sycamore Rooms"). The practice area is downstairs and to the left.

Getting there by car/bike/foot/etc: Google map is here

Getting there by bus: EBongo for Towncrest nights/weekends IC Transit The best option looks to be arriving at the stop in front of the BP gas station around 6:40, and then catching the return bus across the street at 8:48 (or 7:48, if one goes for a short class). Arriving late and leaving early due to bus scheduling is fine, and not considered rude in this case.


Classes are Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Towncrest location (see Location below). Beginners are welcome at all classes. 

You can see who is teaching each class.


Adults: $40/month;  Students: $25/month;  Family discounts available

All participants must be at least 12 years old. People interested in trying aikido before joining the club may attend any beginner classes for a period of two weeks. 


Iowa City Aikikai is associated with the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo through its affliations with the United States Aikido Federation (USAF).

Joining Iowa City Aikikai

Members who wish to test must join the United States Aikido Federation. The annual USAF fee is $45.

Join the Iowa City Aikikai mailing list so that you are notified about schedule changes, special events, and more.


Students who are also members of the USAF may accumulate days toward testing at various rank levels. Students wishing to test must have practiced at least the specified days for the desired rank and show proficiency appropriate to the rank. 

Students can test at local seminars taught by an instructor of appropriate rank, as well as at seminars in USAF-affiliated dojo.

Teaching Staff

The head instructor is Ivar Christopher, nidan. Scott Shaw and Charles Cunningham, sandan; Maureen Robertson, nidan; Dan Crawford and Lisa Martincik, shodan, are also instructors.


Look at the New Student Guide by the United States Aikido Federation.

Other Dojo in Iowa

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